Kingdoms of Heckfire Quests Explanation

  1. Quests are an important source of gems, speedups, and resources in Kingdoms of Heckfire. If you want to rank higher on the leaderboards you need to complete as many as possible.
  2. All quests are 55 minutes long and start at five past the hour.
  3. Quests repeat every 11 hours. Some quests such as Troop Training and Monster Slaying occur more often than others.
  4. To earn points in a quest, you need to finish the activity within the quest period. Starting to gather, build, research, or train troops before the quest starts is an effective strategy to gain an edge.
  5. You only compete against other users in your realm and in your bracket range. The brackets are based on your current Town Hall (TH) level (12 or lower, 13 to 15, 16 to 18, 18 to 22, and 23 or above).
  6. Basic rewards are offered for one star, two stars, or three stars on each quest. These are important and can help build the gems and speedups you need to top the quest leaderboards.
  7. The best rewards are given for ranking within the Top 3 on the leaderboards. You should always aim to hit first place on a quest every so often. Make sure you have enough resources, gems, and speedups before you start!

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